the two decided to start collecting money and donations that would provide PK-3 children in Mae La and the surrounding areas with books, backpacks, paper, school utensils, umbrellas, jackets, rain boots and snacks. So far, Hser and Bethany have worked with five schools over four missions including Living Word Mission School, No. 11 Primary School, Peh Hsa Kee School, Baw Ka Ta Village School, and Ko Kay Primary School. They hope to work with more schools in the future and turn what they’re doing into a true non-profit organization. Until then, Hser keeps track of each mission in a red notebook meticulously detailing who they’re supporting, what they’re collecting, and who has donated. In their private Facebook group – Former Karen Refugee & Karen Refugee Support United, they connect with their of Life 5 Thanksgiving Food Baskets Middle School Service Day Book and a Blanket Karen children who received new school supplies donated with the help of Hser Paw ’24 Karen children pose with new school supplies donated with the help of Hser Paw ’24 A Karen refugee school house donors and are able to post photos from those they’re supporting as well as thank you notes that they receive. Going back to her reflection that she shared with the school, Hser ended by encouraging her fellow peers to take a look inward and see how they can express Christ’s love through service to others. “I would like you to ask yourself what you can do to be the better change in your community and in the world. It does not have to be grand; it could be participating in mission collections, attending school events, picking up empty water bottles, or wiping the table down after lunch for those who will be sitting there next. These little actions go a long way and before you know it, with God’s guidance, you can influence and inspire. It is time that we reflect and realize what God is calling us to do.”