Goodness, Discipline & Knowledge Society The Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge Society (or “GDK Society”) includes those who choose to remember Aquinas in their estate plans, thus ensuring their continued legacy evermore. We salute those who remember Aquinas in this way with grateful appreciation. The names of those alumni and friends who have told us of their plans are listed below. Your gift will help Aquinas students to achieve “that which they were made for.” † denotes deceased, †† denotes both members deceased through October 31, 2023. Anonymous Anonymous† Mr. Frank S Aprilano, 1952 Mr. John L Bartolotta, 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J Beahan, 1931†† Mr. Robert E Bell, 1957† Mr. Michael J Bierley, 1964 Mr. Ryan Bierley, 1998 Mr. Robert W Brennan, † Mr. James P Brennan, CPA, 1988 Mr. Robert J Brown, 1953 Mr. Richard T Buerkle, 1965† Mr. & Mrs. Neil 1947† and JoAnne Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Van R Cardilli, 1963 Mr. Richard F Casey, 1955 Mr. Sebastian Ciccariello, Jr., 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J Cody, 1938†† Mr. Peter M Consol, 1962† Mr. Martin J Cook, 1963† Dr. Anthony S Cook, III, 1999 Margaret D Copenhaver, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M Costanza, 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E Cozzo, Esq., 1943†† Mr. and Mrs. Michael R Daley 1979 Rev. Peter A Deckman, 1956† Dr. Frank S DeLucia, 1958† Mr. Richard J DiMarco, 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J DiNicola, 1966 Mr. Robert H Dobmeier, 1943† Mr. and Mrs. Gregg W Doherty, 1951† Dr. John L Donovan, 1947† Mr. and Mrs. Michael J Duffy, Esq., 1949 Mr. Robert J Ebert, Jr., 1970 Mr. and Mrs. William J 1951† and Phyllis Fackelman Mr. and Mrs. Donald R Faraone, Sr., 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J Fitzharris†† Mrs. Deborah Fitzmorris Mr. Thomas F Fritz, 1952 The Honorable Harold L Galloway, 1952† Mrs. JoAnne Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geraci, CPA, 1969 Ms. Christine A Grout, 1988 Mr. Frederick F Hafner, 1947† Mr. Paul E Haney, CPA, 1959† Mr.and Mrs. Robert F Hastings, 1949†† Mr. Brian D Hayes, 1977 Mr. George L Heinlein, 1947† Mr. Frank B Iacovangelo, 1958 Mr. Anthony M Iacovangelo 1959 Mr. Leonard F Kamp, Jr., 1958† Mr. Thomas P Riley, 1956 and Mrs. Barbara Kelley Mr. Stephan M Kellner, 1951† Mr. and Mrs. Jurij Z Kushner, 1968 Mr. James W Lannigan, 1962† Mr. Jeffrey J LeBlanc, 1989 Mrs. Cathleen M LeBlanc, 1989 Mr. Salvador F Leccese 1960 Mr. Leon G Lesniak, 1950 Mr. James E Lockington, 1947† Mr. and Mrs. Edward J Lynd, II, 1952 Ms. Christina M Mancini, 1990 Mr. Theodore N Mancini, Principal, 1988 Mr. J. Douglas Martin, 1950† Mr. Gerald N McCallum, 1957† Mr. James F McGee, 1965 Dr. Terence M McGee, 1975 Mr. Joseph P Menaldino, 1947 Mr. Ronald J Miner, 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Monaco, 1979 Mrs. Anita L Nagel Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Catherine Newell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F Nicoletti, 1953 Mr. W. Robert R Nolan, 1940† Mr. and Mrs. John F Nuccitelli, 1955† Mr. and Mrs. Michael R Nuccitelli, 1980 Mr. Lawrence J Oberlies, 1953 Mr. Alexander A O’Boyle, 1944† Rev. John L O’Connor† Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F O’Donnell, 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J Oldfield, 1957 Mrs. Alanna M Parrinello Dominguez, 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Dominic C Piazza, 1952 Mr. Jay P Polston, 1990 Mr. Robert N Porretti, CPA, 1964 Mr. Stephen J Ren, 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J Riley, MD, 1959 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F Riley, 1961 Mr. and Mrs. John A Ritzenthaler, 1940†† Mr. and Mrs. Paul F Roland, 1977 Mr. Peter P Romeo, 1951 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J Romeo CMSgt., USAF (Ret), 1975 Mr. John J Schantz, Sr., 1954† Mr. Karl F Scheible, 1979† Mr. Wayne G Scheible, 1956† Mr. Kenneth P Schleich, 1946† Mr. Paul B Schmidt, CSW, 1953† Mr. Donald T Schmitt, Esq., 1965 Mr. Robert L Schwab, 1963 Mr. William G Shaheen, 1972 Mr. John A Shaheen, 1971 Mr. Mark B Smith, 1945 † Mr. Robert V Sperandio, 1960† Rev. Thomas R Statt, 1950† Dr. Bernard E Tofany, DDS, 1941† Mr. and Mrs. Michael T Tomaino, 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Vito Torregiano Mr. Thomas Tracy, 1968 Dr. and Mrs. Robert J Tuite, Sr., 1952 Mr. Frank F Velte, 1964 Mr. Frederick J Wagner, Jr., 1954† Mr. and Mrs. Philip R Wegman, Esq., 1961 Rev. Robert Thomas Werth, 1963 Mr. James R White, 1964 Mr. Jerald A Wilks, 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Roger N Wolf, 1960 Mr. James W Zielinski, 1960 Please consider Aquinas when preparing your estate. Your contribution will positively affect generations of Aquinas students to come. For more information on how to include Aquinas in your estate, please contact Jay Polston ’90 at (585) 254-2020 x1061. If you have already included Aquinas in your estate planning, please let us know. We’d like to thank you for your generosity and ensure that you’ve been listed as a member of the Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge Society. Donor Impact Report 46 AQUINAS LANDMARK | WINTER 2024